Long Day's Journey into Starbucks

My car.
I'm not even going to try.

Somebody else's car.

Parent:When I was your age, the snow came up to our waists!

A white building.

Good thing he's not delivering the mail via Segway.

An intersection.

Icicles hang from the dripping nose of a truck.

It's dig out day.

People walk down the middle of the street.

What would happen if BMW tried to race in the Iditarod.

A truck scrapes up what is left of the pavement on Glebe Road and, by sheer, unintended coincidence, happens to also plow some snow.

Or, as Mom liked to say, "I'm not trying to heat up the whole outdoors."

A dusting of real snow on the Hecht's sign, looking remarkably like the fake snow that comes in cans. [Obscure quotation from Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation deleted]

The good news is that the streets are clear. The bad news is that we have these six-foot high piles of snow....

Federal Government is closed for business, so traffic on the subway is light.

Farragut West Metro.

Today's forecast: Snow.

The Post reports "Snowstorm Stretches Weekend Past Holiday," a sort of laid-back, British-sounding headline, instead of the more appropriate "KILLER SNOWSNORM TRAPS THOUSANDS" or "WHITE DEATH PARALYZES NATION'S CAPITOL."

In summer, that trash can would really smell.

I wish I had a mannequin arm and hand, ideally clutching one last quarter, to plant in the snow.

The (snow-free) dome of St. Matthew's.

At Caruso Florist, they had taken to sticking bunches of flowers in the giant berms of snow.

Think spring.

Snow-covered eaves.

A nice, warm, bus kiosk.

I am sure they will find the bike messenger during the spring thaw.

Yes! My quest is almost complete!

The brown mucky slush reminds me of... a frappuccino. [shudder]

We stop to utter a prayer of thanks.

Inside, it is warm and smells like coffee.

The place where the high priests of coffee preparation perform their labors.

On CNN, they are reporting that there has been a great deal of snow. What would we do without cable TV?

Quad vente soy latte. I normally don't get four shots of espresso but it has been that kind of a day.

Back outside, intrepid shoppers navigate a berm.

I remember sitting here in the summer, the sun beating down on my head...

A building.

Some bushes trying to grow out of the snow.

A shadow on the wall of Brooks Brothers. Pathetically, I am reminded of the Four Seasons logo.

Did we mention that this Employment Guide is FREE?

Great Scott! The fabled Rhode Island Avenue Pass! They said it was only a legend....

Bonus points for Caruso.


A building being demolished. At least, I hope it is being demolished....

Steve Martin looking appropriately anxious.