Christina's World 2002

Originally I was going to have Christina looking out over a similar landscape to the original, with the addition of a Starbucks (or a McDonald's, or a Banana Republic store....) But this landscape pretty much sums up the year 2002 for me.

Snap, Crackle, and Death

A wholesome part of this nutritious breakfast. (Now available in the U.K.!)

2003: A Space Odyssey

Houston, this unit looks fine to me... are you sure the computer is right about it failing? Hello? Houston, do you copy?

No this is not an outtake from 2001 but rather a picture from International Space Station Expedition 6. (Yes I added something.) Astronaut Ken Bowersox (pronounced "Frank Poole") is working along the P1 truss of the Space Station on January 15, 2003. Okay so there's no scheduled Pan Am flight to the Space Station; okay, so there's no Howard Johnson's restaurant once you get there; okay, so there's no cute young minx in a pillbox hat welcoming you to Voiceprint Identification, but Clarke & Kubrick got two things right — the toilets are complicated and the food blows monkey chunks.

Saint Bill

"(CNN - January 31, 2003) -- Fed up with hackers, a flood of spam and lousy connections, Italian Roman Catholics have launched a search for a patron saint of the Internet. And they hope their online poll will yield a holy Web protector by Easter...."

Every saint has to perform three miracles. Here are three of Bill's:

Of course, you can cast your vote on the Internet, at

The Creation of Adam, Version 2.0

And while we're on a religious theme....

You're allowed to imagine that Reality Is Just One Big Computer Simulation only if: